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9-Volt and 18-Volt's games, 
how to beat 
them, without hidden cheat Codes!


The best part of this game is the retro games, in my opinion and this sneaky page will teach you how to beat them!

Cameo- Look at the Mario and Luigi dolls, they dance when you win and fall over when you fail a microgame!

Super Mario Bros:

Tap the blocks to get coins and Mario will come in either through a pipe, on a cloud, or on a bullet bill!

Tap Mario himself to get more money.

Legend of Zelda:

Tap the fairies to win!  All I can say are the possible levels:

level 1- Fairy pond or Adventure of Link 2D section.

level 2- Among Ghinis or among Stalfos in a dungeon.

Level 3- Moblins in the overworld or among Like-likes in a dungeon!

Tap the pixels-

Tap the odd coloured pixel to win!  All I can say is look carefully!  The pictures are:

Mario Bros

Legend of Zelda

And Ice Climber!

Duck Hunt:

Shoot the targets!


Keep the metroids away!  Note that sometimes there will be an auto Justin Bailey code activated!

Balloon Fight:

Shoot down the balloon fighters to win.  Don't hit the hero( who has a red balloon).

Tip: Pop bubbles for more points!

Toss up:

Juggle the balls by moving his arms!  This might be a good indicator of how good you are at the 'Juggle Boy' toy!

Note the high scores!  How come they are so high?  660?  520?

Super Mario Bros( defeat the enemies):

Tap the foes to smash them off screen!  A fun game for a short while!

Game and watch catch?:

Catch the drops of water!  The amount depends on the difficulty:

level 1- 1 drop

level 2- 2 drops

Level 3- 3 drops!

Pushing Buttons:

Push the correct button!  You don't need any help!

Mario Paint:

Fill the images so the painting is completed!  You really need help? It's like colouring in the person's nails in the Ninja Scribble mix!

Game on:

Set up the gamecube.  Plug in the controller, put in the disc and close the lid.  Turning the machine's on switch is optional.

Hogan's Alley:

Shoot the thugs but don't kill the lady!  This is annoying as you have to look carefully for half a second and then shoot!

Clawing for more:

Grab the apple without hitting the bombs!  My tip? Fire after the bombs pass to the left!

Game and Watch Lion:

Stop the lions with... a chair!  It's quite easy but fail for the first time, it's pretty funny!

Donkey Kong 3:

Blow so Stanley the bug man can chase Donkey Kong up the vine!  Blow like crazy is my advice!

Gold Digger:

Press the button so the finger goes up a nostril!

Game and Watch order:

Copy the guy's actions!  Write it down for help... if you're total rubbish!  It's a snap!

Button Masher:

Press the button on the console to win the level.

1- Press rapidly to destroy space ships!

2- Press at a timed order to break pots!

3- Press when the opponents face goes red to smash up the boxer!

Super Famicom:

Blow into the DS to either destroy space ships, kill zombies, destroy a ninja fighter or, funnily enough, knock out a boxer!

PS: Do not try any of those at home.  It's only a videogame!


To beat this, first shoot the cans into the wall like this:

-  <Aim higher than this

-< between this ledge and the higher one

-< between this ledge and the higher one

Then shoot the barrels and toys to get an award like sharpshooter!


Hit the bins into the lower hole to change the in-game high score temporarily!

1st- 60
2nd- 47
3rd 39