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Quick Walkthrough,

The third game on this site to get one.

Here is another quick walkthrough.  Although this is only the third game to get one, this walkthrough is still quite important.  Use it with a proper walkthrough like you did with the others.

  1. Start the game

  2. Beat Bowser in the first short battle.  It's very hard to lose.

  3. Collect any items in Toad square

  4. Board the Bowser Cruiser

  5. Work your way through the cruiser to above deck.

  6. Defeat Fawful in the battle that follows

  7. Land

  8. Beat the Hammer Bros rope jump mini-game

  9. Find Bowser

  10. Collect 100 coins to get him out the cannon, also learning your first two special abilities.

  11. Fight Tolstar

  12. Go through the next cave to Hoohoo mountain

  13. Speak to hammer making guys and the construction workers to open the path

  14. Go up the mountain to the statue

  15. Beat the Hooros boss

  16. Reach the summit

  17. Beat Dragoho

  18. Speak to the hammer makers for free hammers

  19. Break the block blocking the path off the mountain.

  20. Go South to the Castle town

  21. Enter the castle

  22. Enter the sewers

  23. Complete the sewers

  24. Defeat the poisoned queen Bean

  25. Agree to go to Chucklehuck woods

  26. Go to this area

  27. Enter the chateau

  28. Clear the barrel maze

  29. fight the bosses( Bowser and Popple)

  30. Speak to the strange people who teach you your second set of special attacks.

  31. Exit the house out the back door

  32. Beat the forest maze

  33. Fight the Chuckolator

  34. Clear the cave as Luigi

  35. Heal the queen when back at the castle

  36. Go to Woohoo Hooniversity

  37. Beat this dungeon

  38. Defeat Cackletta

  39. Navigate the basement

  40. Beat Popple and Rookie, again

  41. Get the Firebrand and Thunder hand abilities from the temples while at the oasis

  42. Go back to shore via the sea bed

  43. Go to the airport

  44. Beat the Mom Piranha

  45. Help Peach through Teehee valley

  46. Win a special mushroom in the Little Fungi town casino

  47. Navigate the ruins

  48. Awaken Mario

  49. Find the Beanstar pieces

  50. Go back to the castle

  51. Get to Joke's End

  52. Go through Joke's End

  53. Beat Jojora and friend

  54. Get Beanstar out the Koopa Cruiser

  55. Rescue Luigi as Mario

  56. defeat Popple and Birdo

  57. Get to Bowser's castle

  58. Get through the place fighting the Koopalings and Fawful

  59. Fight Bowletta

  60. Fight Cackletta

  61. Win

  62. Escape the castle

  63. Watch the ending

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