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Quick Walkthrough 2:

The order in which to beat Warioware Touched!


  1. Start the game

  2. Choose what hand to use

  3. Watch the cut scene

  4. Start playing Wario's Microgames

  5. Win

  6. Select what character out of the next two that show up

  7. Beat both their sets of games

  8. Play the next set of mini-games

  9. Play the mini-games of the next three characters that arrive out of the taxi

  10. Play James Ts mini-games

  11. Beat the mini-game sets of the next three characters

  12. Watch the new cut scene

  13. Complete Warioman's Mini-games

  14. Watch the ending

  15. Click the ship to receive however many presents

  16. Beat the necessary toys to unlock more Toys

Start the game

Click the cut scene to bypass to the start screen then hit the start button on screen.

Choose what hand to use

Choose either left or right.  Please bypass this if you have a normal level of intelligence!

Watch the cut scene

You should have no trouble doing this whatsoever.

Play Wario's Microgames

Click here to find out about the games and boss game strategy.


Kind of obvious.  Using the page, you should have no trouble at all.

Select what character

The next two characters are Mona and Jimmy T.  Choose who's games to complete first as it doesn't really matter.

Play the next set

It consists of Wario's games, Mona's mini-games and Jimmy Ts Mini-games so practise first if necessary!

Beat the Mini-games of the next three characters

The characters are Kat and Ana, Ashley and Dr Crygor.  The game set names are Ninja Scribble, Total Drag and slightly unscrewed.

Play James Ts minigames

The set here consists of the mini-games of the last three characters.  Practise if necessary.

Beat the microgames of the next two characters

For information sake, the characters are Mike and 9-Volt/18-volt.  The game set names are Mic Rocking and Retro Action!

Watch the cut scene

Warning!  This ruins a plot twist!

In the cut scene, Wario eats bad Garlic and after a small microgame is played, because Warioman!

Beat the final set of games

Complete the Super Zero set to finish the game in a play until ending way!

Watch the ending

This is so funny!  First, Wario boasts how tough he is, then tries to stop a train.  He fails and gets sent flying.  The cast list( character list plays) and you can mess around with it!  The reporter says the game is selling really well.  Wario lands and falls in the sewer.  The Sewer Guru then comes out really angry and smashes Wario in the head with a pole.  The Sewer guy then gives a victory salute as Wario is flat, like in Wario Land 4!

Click the ship for toys

Tap the ship to get all your missed toys and the credits.  The staff credits, not the character list.

Beat necessary toys and games

And finally, after a long time, gain the 'Whistle a Tune' toy!  For all that!  And the piano's better!

The smaller Microgames( in the cut scenes).

Poke the cavities

Tap the viruses to destroy them.


Rub the afro to get rid of the bug.

Write the letter.  Just write something on the paper!

Drag the ingredients into the potion.

Spin the handle so Dr Crygor ends up squatting inside the machine.

Blow the dust away using the microphone.

Put the disc in the Gamecube.

Fist poke the viruses, then drag them to the Wario noses!