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Picto-chat; A great applet or just an add on?

Pictochat is a much debated Nintendo DS game, some find it the best thing on earth while others say it's overrated and potentially dangerous.  This article looks at the viewpoints and the arguments as well as Pictochat ticks, tips and cheats!

What is Pictochat?

It's a chat room applet that is embedded into Nintendo DS software, which I think is neat as it means no having to insert game carts just to talk to someone over a Local Area Network.  It is a pretty neat thing as you can talk to friends to FREE!  ( for any annoying spelling e-mails; that was for emphasis).  This is great, in my personal opinion, as you can not only basically text someone for free, you can also draw funny animations and drawings and send that too( for free)!

Why do most people think it's awesome?

1    - It's like a free text message or phone call.

2   - It gets hilarious after all of 10 minutes( when you run out of logical high school professor style words and go back to arguing).

Why don't some people?

1 - They might think it has the dangers of an online chat room.  But for now, to talk to a stranger thy would have to be basically outside your front window!

Is it awesome?

Reasons It's excellent It's not
Reason 1 Free texting or phone conversations Dangers
Reason 2 Funny to play Short distance
Reason 3 Embedded into the machine  


Yes, as the table should show.  It's awesome with 3 reasons to the not awesome reasons that are only 2!

My review:

This is pathetic, I'm reviewing a free chat room applet in a games console because I run out of games to cover until Mario Kart DS!

Graphics Not much, but it is free and it's not technically a game!


Sound Silence


Gameplay Very fun and hilarious


Length Varies depending on who your friends are!


Bonuses 50%
Score total 89%+

Varies like everything else about it!


So Picto-chat is awesome but free!  Can you get a better free bonuses?  Except the Legend of Zelda bonus discs!  But that's not relevant..........

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Yes, there are tips!  But only two...........

1- The line: Press two points on the screen at once to draw a line!

2- Dragging letters- You can move letters onto any part of the picture drawing canvas!

3- Okay so it's a third trick........  You can draw animations!  Use this guide:

  1- Draw a picture  
2- Copy it into another space after you send it
3- Change it slightly
4- Repeat this process
5- Press the arrows on the screen margin to animate!

Simple, right?