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Important Note


There are no photos as per yet because of many issues including:

A- Copyright notice.  I don't want to break the law as I want the site to have 100% legal content.  This problem is counteracted by fan art and many unique features that don't break copyright laws in any way, like the Anti-sector, quizzes, maze quiz, strange articles and 250 unique cheats for Super Mario 64 DS..

B- Problems with technology.  as you know, I'm not bad with HTML or JavaScript.  The free features allow full web conferencing and other neat tricks.  but for some reason the digital camera seems to just not work with the computer it's supposed to work with.

C- I don't borrow content.  In other words, I'm totally against plagiarism and the geocities type trick of stealing images from other sites, slightly altering them and reposting the results.  seriously, I asked someone who run a site like that and they literally said they did that for photos.

D- Isn't a good site one with actual written content and not just 10000 fancy screenshots?  I don't want this site to be like other Nintendo DS sites with limited real content consisting of affiliate links.