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-Mix Sets of Microgames; Tips

Welcome to my complete guide to beating the sets of games called Monster Megamix, Gnarly Mix and Hard-core Mix.   With some luck and a lot of cheating of course!

Monster Megamix

The games are at level 1 from 0-19
The games are at level 2 from 19-37
From 37 onwards they are at level 3

( this hasn't been verified)

To beat 25 at this set of games you just need to practise all the games, develop a keen eyesight and make sure you can complete the hard in a very short amount of time.  Do not mess up if you want to achieve this as one ups aren't available in this set of games!

1st- 65
2nd- 55


Hard-core Mix

This set requires extreme luck and much practise as you only get one chance.  No more lives, no less.  Perfection is the key and your mind will be extremely tested trying to achieve this extraordinary achievement.  Don't let that fool you that your high scores will be forever low as my best score personally is 125!  The three tips:

1- If the impossible comes, restart.
2- Keep the DS near your mouth as Microphone games do appear sometimes.
3- Hone your reflexes so not to blow when the small characters cross the rope and instantly what control method to use!


My high scores:

1st- 125
2nd- 46
3rd- 37

Note the legendary top score?

Gnarly Mix

These microgames in this set are lightning charged and come at very high speeds.  You must practise before attempting this set of games and have very good eyesight to succeed!

Do not try to beat my top score instantly, it's nearly impossible, a hard as beating Mario 64 DS in three days or Warioware in one evening!  Oh, right, I did both these tasks...

1st- 105
2nd- 67
3rd 61

 But don't give up hope, everyone is better than everyone else at at least one videogame in the world, released sometime!