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Beating Mike's Games, a 
Masterclass in Mic Rocking!


Mike's games are slightly different to them others.  Mic rocking, what does that mean you say?  Microphone rocking, using the microphone for games, that's what!  Strange yes but ultimately gets slightly boring!

Spindy Day:

Blow at the spinner to make a face appear!  It's not much, but OK!

Sweet Nothings:

Blow to whisper sweet speech into someone's ear!  Your first microphone game this one!

Pop Art:

Blow to blow a bubble!  It's insane on levels 2 and 3 though and nearly impossible!

Call of Nature:

Blow to toot and animal horn!  Blow lightly when he goes underneath for best results!

Cup Runneth over:

Make the drink bubble by blowing.  Seriously, blowing isn't fun!

Winter Fresh:

Blow to fog a window.  Still no tips except one for everything; use a electric fan!

Light Sleeper:

Blow to keep the man floating above a monster.

Admiral Blowhard:

Blow to make the ship sail through the line while avoiding barrels!

Cool it:

Blow to cool whatever object down!

Rising Inflation:

Blow to fire the balloon!

Crowd Control:

Blow away the fans!  Literally!

Deep Breath:

Blow the man to surface.  Do not try at home!

Abdominal Blowman:

Blow to make the doll do sit ups for no reason!

Clearing the air:

Blow to clear the fog!

Lung capacity: Blow to play a tune! In your face:

Blow to electrocute your opponent.  Watch level 3, blowing a bomb and blowing your friends to smithereens!

Silent But deadly:

Blow to  fire a peashooter!

hit the gust:

Blow to save the car from the crushing ceiling!

Over Easy: Blow to flip the object over! On the fly:

Blow to steer a paper plane!



Seedy Area:

Blow to move the seed to the island while avoiding the enemies.  I can't help as I'm useless at this game!

High Scores:

1st- 47
2nd- 31
3rd- 22

See what I mean!

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