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Mario Kart Super Circuit,

 Retro game information page


Welcome to another retro game insight page!  This time, the retro Game Boy Advance game to be written about is Mario Kart Super Circuit!  With tons of tracks and characters, weapons and modes, shortcuts and records, this should be way easy to write about!  Read on for the exciting information about this awesome hand held marvel!

The tracks

Peach circuit: A basic easy circuit in the first cup.  No challenges.

Shy Guy Beach: An easy beach with awesome shortcuts and a neat cannon firing pirate ship.

Riverside park: A longer course with a river.  Watch out on 150 cc though, it can be havoc!

Bowser Castle 1: The first and easiest Bowser castle, with the introduction of lava, metal and deadly Twomps!

That's all in the first cup!  On contrast, here's what's in the 'last' cup.

Lakeside park: If the first courses were easy, try this!  Volcanoes, water and obstacles make this hell in a course!

Broken Pier:  The second and most devastingly evil ghost valley track ever on the basic cups, the holes, ghosts and traps make this a frustrating exercise in evil driving!

Bowser Castle Four: The hardest Bowser's Castle track ever, this hell place has Mecha Koopas, lava, twomps and shortcuts galore! Race here if you dare!

Rainbow Road: An expected classic, this track is the finale.  With no room for error and stars, clouds and rivals blasting you with lightning, the final track is the hardest!  If you clear this you're an expert.... just......


Heavy characters: Bowser, Donkey Kong and Wario

Medium characters: Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

Light weight characters: Peach and Toad


Red shell: homes in on the nearest foe in front, this weapon is devastating in the hands on an expert!

Green Shell: Can be fired straight.  Bounces of walls.

Triple shells: Work like their single counterparts when fired forwards, go straight back if fired behind.

Blue shell: Aims and takes out the leader with no chance of avoidance.  Normally.  Do not use if in front!

Banana: Can be dropped or thrown to make a rival skid out!

Triple banana: Same as banana but three of them.

Lightning bolt: Shrinks all rivals.  Only appears when in last place or so mind you.

Boo: Makes the leader lose coins.  Also makes you invisible, like the vanish cap in Mario 64 DS!

Some Record Info:

Many of my records, like in the first two tracks are 0'00.  The reason?  The Action Replay which stops time and makes you be on last lap!  These are unbeatable by the way.  Also, try playing as a Bob-omb!  It's cool( blowing things up).  An Action Replay is required for all this.

Two records  
0 seconds-Peach circuit
0 seconds- Shy Guy Beach

Spoiler Alert!

  You can unlock the tracks from Super Mario Kart if you beat the first cups then again with over 100 coins in each!  You can't unlock them with enemies though!  I tried.   

Spoiler Alert!


Think you rock?  Try getting Triple star ratings!

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