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Super Mario Advance 4,

Replaying Mario Bros 3 on Nintendo DS!

If al the best games run out, you can relax knowing that this awesome game, that can be played on your Nintendo DS console, is a game to recommend!  If your copies of Mario 64 DS and Warioware Touched run out of playing length early, play this.  And prepare for a mastery in game design only seen on the DS with Super Mario 64 DS!

Basic Info:

The Worlds:

1- Grass Land 3- Seaside 5- The Sky 7- Pipe Maze
2- Desert Hill 4- Giant island 6- Iced Land 8- Dark Land

Some Incredible Secrets:

1- The coin ship

This ship full of money only appears under certain conditions, which are:

You get a certain amount of money in a level

And the Hammer Bros in that world haven't been defeated.

When onboard, run along the scrolling vessel but do not die!  Jump in the pipe, beat the Boomerang Bros and skedaddle with the item!  With much more lovely cash!

2- The white House

This appears when a certain amount of coins have been collected in a certain level.  You will also receive a rare item, either a P-Wing or an Anchor!

3- The Warp Whistles

There are 3 whistles that will  teleport you to later worlds and they are:

1- In the third level, press down on a white block, go into the background and run behind the end of the level into a secret Toad House.

2- In the first fortress, when at a certain point, fly up and go into a secret room for the whistle.

3- Beat the fire bros in the secret area of Desert Hill!

Tip: Skip many obstacles

On the level which is Bowser's Battleships, jump into the water and you can swim under the ships to the end!