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Music Guide

The latest in-depth information about Super Mario 64 DS

So, it came to list, listing down each level's music and the theme of the music.  Here is the music guide where you will find...  Oh just read it, you must of guessed what the page is about by now, anyway.

Level Music:

  1. Bob-omb Battlefield: grass type course music

  2. Whomp's Fortress: Same as Bob-omb Battlefield

  3. Jolly Roger Bay: Water level music

  4. Cool, Cool Mountain: Ice world music

  5. Big Boo's Haunt: Haunted mansion music

  6. Hazy Maze Cave: A strange type of music used for slightly strange, partially creepy levels.

  7. Lethal Lava Land: Dangerous level music

  8. Shifting Sand Land: Same dangerous level type music as Lethal Lava Land

  9. Dire, Dire Docks: Water level music, like in Jolly Roger Bay

  10. Snowman's Land: Ice World music, like what's in Cool Mountain

  11. Wet-Dry World: The same as Hazy Maze Cave

  12. Tall, Tall Mountain: Unknown type of music

  13. Tiny-Huge Island: Same as the first two courses.

  14. Tick Tock Clock: Action level music, used for levels with much platforming action

  15. Rainbow Ride: Same as Tick Tock Clock

Mini-course music

  1. Bowser in The Dark World: Bowser level music that is a good tune.

  2. Bowser in the Fire Sea: See Bowser in the Dark World

  3. Bowser in the sky: See the other two Bowser levels

  4. Goomboss Battle: See Hazy Maze Cave and Wet-Dry World

  5. Big Boo Battle: Same as Big Boo's Haunt

  6. Chief Chilly Challenge: Same as the previous snowy levels

  7. Battle Fort: Same as Tick Tock Clock

  8. Sunshine Isles: A new tropical theme music selection from the Nintendo Gamecube game, Super Mario Sunshine!

  9. Over the Rainbows: See Rainbow Ride

  10. Wing cap Tower:

  11. Metal Cap Cavern:

  12. Vanish Cap under the moat

That is about all the music except one catchy tune.  This last tune is the boss battle music which occurs, surprise, surprise, when fighting a Boss in some of the levels.  And of course the general mini-game theme.

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