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Malfunction Error 556

Glitches, you can never predict them, as you can't predict a game's events, all the time.  This is a true story of the strangest occurrence in Nintendo DS gaming ever, of a strange phenomena caused by the most unlikely game ever, the game that's called............ Warioware Touched!

It was a dark, possibly sinister night.  Lightning bolts hit far off objects in the distance and it was a full moon.  A black cat screeched in the far distance.  Then, I hit the consoles power switch to start playing this game, to beat another high score, to beat the impossible to defeat scores on character mini-games.....

Then... a strange thing happened when the game was started, it asked what hand to use the stylus with, either left or right.  seeing how this only occurs at the start, I was puzzled, bewildered and very confused.  As the rest of the game suddenly started, I wondered why the main screen, you know, the one with all the characters and the spaceship/UFO didn't appear.  And then...a cut scene?

At once, as Wario's game had started, it dawned on me, the game was erased!  But for what?  I hadn't done absolutely anything whatsoever!  And why now?

Angrily switching off the game to play Super Mario 64 DS, I later began playing the game again.  But the hand select option didn't appear and neither did the cut scene!  For against all gamer and game programming logic ever, the save file had mysteriously returned, from nothing!  In amazement, bewilderment and wonder, I though how, why, what is going on here?  Is the game messing with the player, like a built in April Fools Day joke?

But no explanation can be found.  It never happened to anyone else, no one lied it had, no stories went around that a major bug or flaw was found.  I fear I will never know the truth about this strange event.  Highlight below for a note.

The lightning storm bit was for emphasis.

If you can explain this glitch, please send an e-mail immediately.  Or chat about it with someone in the Community Sector!