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Cheating on the Dance club Rub series of Games!

This page will tell you how to master the Dance Club Rub set of mini-games or, in simple terms, master Jimmy T's mad microgames! 

Tip: Use these pages when you get to playing the character's games, not before!

Find the coin:

Rub the screen until you find its location then uncover it by rubbing!

Tree shaking:

Rub across the trees until all the items fall down.  What appear are:

Sea shells; a fish

oranges; a worm

apples; a maggot

coins; an octorok

stars; a space ship

Wash the window:

Rub across the window until it's clean!  Then you see one of three scenes:

1- A burglar

2- A man in a bunny costume

3- Two old ladies shouting at a dog.


Rub across the man's armpits to make him spit out a stick.

Pet petter:

Stroke something to make an event happen.  Rub much faster when an boiled egg appears.

level 1- a dog barks

level 2- A cat goes to sleep

level 3- An egg either hatches or turns to omelette!

Rainbow Juice:

I will need another guide for this:


Key: ====== rainbow

----------- rope

xxx bucket





5 is where to rub the rainbow, not 6.

1st level of difficulty: Just keep rubbing above is future path.

2nd level: only rub when the lid's open.

3rd level: Rub when the lid's open for a split second.


Arms Race:

Make the character do chin-ups.  The characters are: a masked man, a Shakespearian looking man and a tall thin man.

Chalk full:

Rub out the pictures of different things!  These include: Mario, an alligator, flowers and butterflies!

Wishful Thinking:

Keep rubbing a lamp until a genie appears from it!  The 'genie' may be:

A happy genie, an angry genie, a wolf, vampire, Frankenstein's monster or a neutral genie.

Scratch and Match:

Scratch away until a red target appears.

Power Chord:

Rub up and down the guitar to rock!

Dish it:

My worst game, bar a few.  Rub sticks to keep plates and jugs spinning.

Early Release:

Rub away the bars to release the woman.  Note that on the game it says' the guards said it was fine actually'.  Think about it and laugh!


Rub the plastic bar to attract the dust.


Wave the fans to guide the man to the ground.  And watch and laugh when you miss and a shark chases him!

Public Transport:

Escape either the cart, Wario's car, train or giant man by rubbing the handle up and down like hell!

Burning Rubber:

Rub until the rubber is no more!

Sweet Sorrow:

Wave goodbye to the leaving people quickly to win!  Do I need to give any tips for this game?

Wipe away dirt:

Wash the character on screen's face!  That's it! That's all you have to do!


Rub downwards to dissolve the mountain before the helicopter crashes!

Worked to a lather:

Get rid of the bath foam from his/her face!  Do it fast and work up a lather!


Personal High Scores in this set of games:

1st- 75
2nd- 64
3rd- 59

Not as high as some but not bad!