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Jamie T's Games
Jamie's Mix

This page is about the boss games in Jamie's set.  The rest are just normal games but for the boss games special walkthroughs are needed!

Fly Swatting:

These are the fast flies so wait til they stop to swat like hell! Don't break the glass though, or you lose!

Pro Bowling:

This is the hardest layouts so keep on your feet! Aim for the middle except on this map:

key: xxx bowling pin







Where you aim one to the left, or in the mirrored version right and one to the other side!

Rub The rainbow:

Rub the rainbow above the pot but aim carefully.  Keep rubbing over the side when the pot goes there.  When it dances go all out at that flower pot!


This is an easy set as my wicked high scores show:

1st- 107
2nd- 64
3rd- 61


That's all on this page!