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James T
Jame's Mix
Tips for this set of games

Now, the selections prior to this were a synch, right?  Well not this mix of games.  Combining games from the 3 hardest character selections in the game of Warioware Touched, they can ruin a non-experienced gamer after a short while. Easy the first time around but much harder when you go to replay them.

So my tip?  Learn these games.  They are the boss games you will have trouble with at what level they will appear.

Orbit Ball:

Bounce the guy into space by bouncing him of trampolines.  Angling the trampolines will aim him to the left and right.

Just keep bouncing him into space and when you get to the clouds, try to avoid them.  When it changes to space, you've won!

Global Warning:

Be prepared for major trouble here.  First, avoid the shots simply by dodging them.  At the comets, aim either in between them:

Key: zzz comet, xxx ship, mmm meteor




or around them:



xxx   zzz

At the astoroids move around the left or right side and then pick up the astronaut.  Finally, shoot the green orb while dodging, bullets, planets, watermelons and comets at the same time!  To finally end this game!

Living Room Rally:

Avoid the monster and go around the obstacles which are; walls, boxes, gates and moving boxes.  This will require extreme precision but look on the bright side, it's easier than Global Warning!

You should really aim or a 55- 71 type score to look like a master player!  Like myself:

1st- 71
2nd- 67
3rd- 63

Now, try microphone controlled mini-games!