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Site Guarantee,

Read this before you read anything else!

This notice will seem very sophisticated, but it isn't. it's just a way of saying five things:

All information is accurate:

All site content basically consists of proven facts.  You will find no lies, no misleading content and no silly April fool's day jokes like on some sites which can mislead viewers.  All cheats are proven to work (tested by myself personally) and I will not go and start saying ridiculous things like you can get the Triforce in Ocarina of Time.

Spelling and grammar is flawless

because of the high amount of un-readable incorrectly spelt content these days, I promise no mistakes!  You won't find 1 mistake in language on this site.  I also don't write in text speak (what's people who text each other use).

All content is copyrighted

And nicking it is plagiarism.  Regardless of the scenario, or who you are.  Enough said.

No silly effects

You will never, under any circumstance, see images/text/a clock flying around the cursor.  or GIF images bouncing around the page, animated banners all over, garish tiled backgrounds, scrolling backgrounds, backgrounds which have a 3D scrolling effect etc.  No scrolling text boxes of preset text are to be used etc.  No active X components, flashy java applets or scrolling messages in the status bar either.  Not sure about marquees (they're these things below this paragraph).

 This is what you call a marquee. It's a scrolling line of text on a page

No background music

Don't even go there.  Go on a free hosted, no visitors fan page, stay there for four seconds, come back.  Now do you see why?

Don't ask why a skull picture returns you to the last page.  This would be a good time to look in your browser's address bar..