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The Strange tale of fate,

 flowers and deletion

Flowers may be pretty but curse lie beneath them.  In this fickle tale of fate and the curse that befalls lost flowers, games go wrong, deletion is rife and there seem to be traces of the paranormal.  After not wanting flowers, a special gift in a foreign land, darkness fell over our path of fate.  The car was busted and the house lay in an eerie darkness at my return to the normality, not knowing that my game was flawed.

After going up the creaking, badly made stairs, through the emptiness of a deserted passage, I crept into the room.  The weather was just scary, with lighting striking the roof and wind roaring through the thrown open window, I switched on the game.

Nothing happened.  A fully charged game gone to nothing for no scientific explanation, I had to find the charger.  Eventually, after searching for and locating a plug socket, the game began. My 150 stars would await me!  The joy of playing through the final levels, Bowser's utter defeat for the THIRD time!  The excitement was too great!

Then, it happened.  My face fell through the floor in shock.  It defied logic.  The file said new game.  The data was.... GONE! In anger I flung down the game and went off, thinking the data would return like someone's experience before...  But no luck.  NO!

I played again, thinking it would return, but it was definitely on a new game!  Glitches couldn't save me.  Nothing could.

And where was the explanation.  What was the reason?  A battery dead, like on the journey?  Maybe it turned off while saving...  But no.  I distinctly remembered saving the game progress.

Or the mystery curse of the flowers, left behind in a foreign, far off land................

The curse?  Or was it?

Do you know what happened?  If you do, go to the Community Sector and write the reason in the guestbook, I beg of you!   Begone!

But what will be next, in the future...................................