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Is the technique Fair or an exploit?

Just click the option for your problem, and it will say something about you!  It may be good news, or it may be bad news.  You only know when you click one of the links.

Prolonged rocket boosting


Ban it because it makes matches feel dull

 It is just advanced snaking. It should be allowed

 It is not intended so it should be banned

What is PRB?

PRB is fair


It is just an advanced technique!

It was not intended, so it is cheating.

What is snaking?

I cannot do it!

It is fair against other snakers


It is an advanced strategy!

It is cheap! Use items when you get them!

I hate the trick.

Use it on snakers!

Anything is allowed

Loss Reduction

Loss reduction is unfair!

Loss reduction is fair!

I hate this!

Loss reduction is cool!

Loss reduction is fair in certain circumstances!