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Site related

Why the strange site navigation?

I thought it might my site look more professional and a neater layout overall.  Besides, it's easy to navigate, normally.

Why isn't there an affiliates list on the home page?

I keep all affiliation, links and adverts on a separate page known as links.

Mario 64 DS related

How do you find so many glitches in this game?

It's just a glitch filled game, that's all.

Are there more than 150 stars?


How many times do you fight Bowser?

Three times in total.

What does the fountain engraving say?

It says something like 'L is real, then a number'.  The writing underneath is unclear.

What does L is real mean?

Supposedly, Luigi is real or Link is real.  But it's a mystery.

Warioware related

How do you play Wario's games again?

Feed him a bomb. Note: do NOT try this in real life.

Is your high score in one set really 125?

Yep.  And in Hard Core Mix too!

Community Sector Related

Are there rules?

Yes, plenty.

Secrets and Easter Eggs?

Plenty.  Find them yourself!  Hidden pages, hidden positions and ranks, hidden online games and much, much more.

Why is this on a separate website?

Because it uses FrontPage Sever Extensions to function.

Will you have a mailbag?

No, not as far as I can tell.

How does your Java script poll work?

Find it out yourself!  It's on a hidden page in this website!

Where's the juke box?

It would take up way too much space and bandwidth as to be practical.  Do you want this website closed for a month?

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