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I have go one announcement, instead of e-mail communications, I recommend you use one of the deluxe community features to contact this site.  The old e-mail address is only for important e-mails, not any other kind.  No e-cards please.

For a question

Use the frequently answered questions feature.  There you can ask a question which will be included in the FAQ when questions pending are checked.

For a conversation:

Use the chat room.

For a general comment:

Use the polls comment feature.

For site feedback:

Use the guestbook only.

For site reviews:

Use the vote caster survey.

If you would still like to contact this site by e-mail, check around the site for the address as I have stopped giving it out on new pages.

If there is a question, is a likely been answered already, as this site is overall very detailed about giving videogame cheats and information as to avoid annoying e-mails.  Pretty much anything to do with Mario 64 DS or Warioware Touched that you can think of, even down to the Mario 64 DS background guide, has been answered.

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Do you have complaints about a forum or chat room user?  Then ask someone to deal with it.  Unless it's in the Anti-sector, if that's the case, then don't because I'm powerless to stop them.  For those curious, the Anti-sector is a place with 100% rule free anarchy!