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Mario Kart DS cheats Micro-sector

Destroy friends, eliminate computer opposition!

Want to get a quick record?  Beat your best times?  Earn an easy three star rank?  Knock a pesky GP rival off a cliff and snatch the win?  Well don't go to a cheat site.  Don't read the 'be fair and win with hard work' FAQs and don't just use Nintendo's official 'intended' tricks, read these pages!  You can find cheats and unlockables, tricks to dodge blue shells, red shells and lightning, glitches to skip half a lap!  Try them all now, and don't be brainwashed into fair play!

All these cheats have been tested and work.  No responsibility is held for in-game E ranks obtained by messed up glitches and shortcuts.  Blue shell tricks need an appropriate item or spot in a track to work!

I used them and guess what I now have?  All three stars ranks in GP, three stars in all missions, all staff ghosts destroyed and excellent records!

Tricks, unlockables and intended shortucts

Item dodging is here, as are the rewards, plus the tricks Nintendo intended you to do!


Unintentional shortcuts and strange flaws in game programming galore!


Cameos and signs in the game.  Like those that say 'Moo Moo Farm'.