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Battle Mode in Mario 64 DS;
Strategies revealed!

Ouch!  You have just been ploughed into by a huge Chain Chomp in battle mode and a friend then takes your carefully gained star right under your nose.  It's annoying, right?  Well this article will tell you about battle mode and how to win with TAED maps to help you!  Read on.....

Course Maps

Castle Grounds

Grass   Roof of castle Grass Grass
    *&^* Castle Moat
Grass Moat Moat Door Moat
Path Path Path
Maze Grass Grass Beach Lake Lake

Secret Slide



<------- to finish  


  slide   up  
------> --------->  
Up     Finish    


Sunshine Isles


Some main tips are like;

So is it fun, like a classic (i.e. Mario kart), or just rubbish/  Well it's not rubbish but not excellent.  It's just like a gizmo or add on added after the game was finished, like the Mix sets in Warioware!  Good but not great.

Score overall 80%

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