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Articles Quiz

Test your site articles sector knowledge!  Why? I don't know.


So you read the articles.  You read about flowers, fate and deletion was caused by a curse.   How my game of Warioware got deleted.  And the data file reappeared again.  or even how some websites are totally rubbish.  Now test that knowledge!


Why did my Super Mario 64 DS game get deleted?

Relative bought flowers which were left in a foreign country.

  Major glitch

  Used an Action Replay duo.

  Corrupted the game save.

Bad luck

What mini-game 'can' predict the future?

Bomb Squad

  Sort or 'Splode

  Psyche Out

  Snowball Slalom


How many hits did one of the worst websites have?






Why should you never have user submitted cheats on a website?

They're unreliable

  They don't work

 They're expensive

  No one wants them

Other reason

Do you know a huge amount about what's in the articles?  say so in the awesome Community Sector!

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