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Glitch Overview-

Is there a single glitch in Warioware?  I'm likely to be asked that one time or other so I'll bluntly answer my own question first.  The answer, in short, is yes.


But, there can't be, can there?  A collection of microgames having bugs in the system?  Impossible?  Well it's not though as over the months I've found about 3 glitches the game testers didn't get!  And here they are:

The characters get stuck on the touch screen control and moving the stylus only moves that character.
Buttons won't select when clicked via the stylus onscreen.
More than 3 drops of water falls into a cup in one game.

Strange eh?  And weirdest of all, most have only occurred on my copy of the game( the type bought from the shop for extra info)!  And my game has totally been messed up!  Characters automatically selected, automatic stylus taps, broken buttons on screen, records stopping every two seconds, game freezes.....  And I thought this game couldn't muck up in game building!  How come the game testers didn't find or prevent these mishaps?  Isn't that their job?

But worse, is the irony of it; a brand new console just messes up after 5 months!  And worse, any relation to not using a proper stylus isn't my fault, game magazines and web sites say it's just fine!  And books...., programs, probably even newspapers!

I cannot list my anger at the flaws in games since..., well the first games.  They are fun to find but make you think about the lack of in-depth testing games go through.

For more info go to this article:

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If you want to see my point go to the Mario 64 DS glitch and cheat page and look how many are noted:

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