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Enemy AI,

Super Mario 64 DS oddities in enemy coding

First, if you don't know what enemy AI is, it's the basic intelligence an enemy in Super Mario 64 DS has.  Basically, it's artificial intelligence.  As you know, bully enemies in the game seem to attempt to return to their right area in the level( where they start off at).  well it seems all enemies do the exact same.  Read on to find out what a Lakitu, Koopa, Moneybag, flower headed snowman or any other enemy does when it is placed across the other side of a level!  This has been fully tested!

Snowman enemy in other side of Snowman's Land

When this was tested, that flower-headed snowman was on the icy lake at the side of course 10 near the 'Whirl from the freezing pond' star.  By the time I had moved it to where the three similar enemies were at the start, this enemy had tried to scale the first wall in a attempt to reach that area it had came from!

Koopa enemy

Once, I used Yoshi to spit this koopa on Tiny Huge Island into the pipe.  When Mario jumped in, he bounced out slightly after bouncing off it's head!  Maybe a glitch could be found one day where Mario jumps in, bounces off the koopa and bounces out, maybe causing weirdness as the level gets stuck between big and small?


I used Yoshi to spit it onto the freezing pond.  The enemy just crossed the lava-like pond to it's normal location!  Basically, just walked on lava!

Koopa again

When the first koopa in the first level was knocked onto the bridge after the Chain Chomp, it just fell through the bridge like it wasn't there!  ghost bridge anyone?

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